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In 2011, I founded a video production company called Anchor Line, which is now a proud subsidiary of Saltwater Collective.

As Executive Producer, I oversee video and animation projects of all shapes, sizes, formats, and budgets. Regardless of how much a client can invest or how creatively rewarding the project might be, what's most important to me is that the content is purposeful and designed with its audience in mind.

Because we're based in New England and not Los Angeles, my team and I frequently find ourselves wearing multiple hats and mastering multiple skillsets which gives me a unique and rounded perspective on all parts of a production, from the logistical, to the financial, to the creative. The roles which I believe are my most natural strengths, are:





My video production work with Anchor Line and Saltwater spans myriad industries, verticals, and uses. Find some of my work below, request a treatment, or shoot me a note to arrange a call or a Zoom to chat about your project.



Of the many production roles I've filled over the years, the most creatively fulfilling for me is directing.

Whether it's developing a look, style, and shot list for a commercial I've written and concepted, or it's elevating someone else's idea or script and bringing it to life, I enjoy making the hard decisions that will ultimately shape the look, feel, and integrity of the commercial, video, or animation.
I'm a versatile and adaptable director who understands the importance of a solid and complete story. I've developed compelling and purposeful content representing health care, education, finance, and more—though where my strength and passion lies, is humor. In my eyes, the most memorable advertising features a heavy dose of bone dry humor. And achieving that relies heavily on the writing, casting, editorial, and the energy and working environment on set.

I'd be genuinely thrilled to chat about your project, and it would be my pleasure to write a treatment for your concept or script.
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